About Damir Perge


Born in Yugoslavia, Damir at the age of six was inspired and influenced by Pele, Nikola Tesla and Walt Disney. Damir immigrated to the U.S. at the age of eleven. He became a U.S. citizen at age 16 and represented the U.S. on the National Youth Soccer Team from 16 to 19. He was a McDonald’s Soccer All-American and received a full soccer scholarship to play at Southern Methodist University, where he pursued studies in mechanical engineering.


Damir is an entrepreneur, former venture capitalist, author, screenplay writer, producer and complexity scientist. He ran a VC fund in Silicon Valley—focused on investing in the seed and early stages of the startup cycle. As a venture capitalist, he raised more than $300 million for various companies and invested more than $50 million into 25 startups and early stage companies in the entertainment, publishing, media, sports, internet, enterprise and consumer software, hardware, financial services, manufacturing, and transportation sectors.


He is co-founder of entrepreneurdex, a startup studio using complexity science to launch, accelerate and scale startups and growing businesses; co-founder of Madman Pictures, and co-founder of ChitaSports. Damir is also creator and producer of the ChefBaba Cooking Show


Damir’s 25 years experience in the high-tech industry includes management, sales and marketing, finance, distribution and logistics, operations, engineering, supply chain management and product development. He has worked with ventures in the technology, media and publishing, internet, enterprise software, entertainment, alternative energy, consumer products, hardware, communications, and manufacturing sectors.

He’s the author of Entrepreneur Myths: The Startup Reality (2012). His upcoming books include Fútbolpreneur: Football Methods, Strategies, and Tactics Applied to Life and Business (2019); and Silicon Disrupted: How to Leapfrog Silicon Valley (2019).

Damir’s interests include venture capital, private equity, chaos, fractals and complexity science, technology, IoT, 3-D printing, AI, animation & film, script writing, publishing, design, lean and JIT manufacturing, business strategy and modeling, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, blockchain, AR, VR, military strategy, sports, software, mathematics, engineering, art, cooking and soccer.