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Books by Damir Perge
Books by Damir Perge

Video Course: Lean Capitalist

The secrets to raising money for your startup or growing business - hosted by Damir Perge
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Start raising capital for your startup today! In this 58-minute intensive video course, author-entrepreneur-investor Damir Perge provides a funding landscape and framework of the various mechanisms to fund your startup or growing business. Applying "lean business principles" to raising capital will enable you to evaluate the spectrum of financing options available in order to reduce the equity dilution of your business.


Damir Perge strongly encourages you to evaluate all funding options and shows you how to go beyond the traditional route of angels and venture capital. By weighing all of your funding options, and planning the timing of the funding sequence, you can focus on keeping as much equity in your business as possible. This video course enables entrepreneurs at all level to change their traditional investment legacy thinking that a "small piece of an equity" in a large pie is better than a "large equity piece of a small pie."

Lean Capitalist:
The secrets to raising money for a startup or growing business

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Length: 58 min

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