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Books by Damir Perge
Soccer Thinking, Strategies and Methods Applied to Business

by entrepreneurdex founder, Damir Perge

If you love soccer and business, you'll love this book. Entrepreneur and former Silicon Valley venture capitalist Damir Perge applies the lessons he learned as a soccer player to business, entrepreneurship and investing.

Special pre-order price $4.99
When the book is published the price will be $9.99 for the digital version. Coming in 2018.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Starting and Growing Your Business. Don't be one of the thousands of entrepreneurs  who fail each year because they fall for the common but untrue myths about entrepreneurship.

Videos by Damir Perge

Start raising capital for your startup today! In this 58-minute intensive video course, author-entrepreneur-investor Damir Perge provides a funding landscape and framework of the various mechanisms to fund your startup or growing business. Applying "lean business principles" to raising capital will enable you to evaluate the spectrum of financing options available in order to reduce the equity dilution of your business.


Damir Perge strongly encourages you to evaluate all funding options and shows you how to go beyond the traditional route of angels and venture capital. By weighing all of your funding options, and planning the timing of the funding sequence, you can focus on keeping as much equity in your business as possible. This video course enables entrepreneurs at all level to change their traditional investment legacy thinking that a "small piece of an equity" in a large pie is better than a "large equity piece of a small pie."

Lean Capitalist:
The secrets to raising money for a startup or growing business

Download the full-length intensive course

Start raising money for your startup today! Learn the inside secrets of how to create the perfect Startup Investor Pitch. This full-length, intensive course is taught by entrepreneurdex founder, venture capitalist, financier and author Damir Perge. He has raised more than one billion dollars for companies. Learn exactly how to create the type of startup pitch that gets investors excited, based on Damir's experiences in Silicon Valley and globally.


This course includes a detailed overview plus instructions on what pages you absolutely must include in the perfect investor pitch. You'll learn how to make your startup investor pitch presentation look sexy and professional so you can stand out from the crowd.

This course is for entrepreneurs and startups that are serious about raising money. This streamlined course is broken down into 12 videos that total 2 hours and 20 minutes.


INCLUDES TEMPLATES - Download fully-customizable investor pitch presentation templates in Adobe Illustrator (to use in PowerPoint), plus example presentations in PDF and PNG.

The Secrets of the Startup Pitch:
How to create startup presentations that will get you funded by investors - and even the sharks.

Full-length Intensive Online Video Course

Available now from Damir Perge

Entrepreneur Myths: The Startup Reality

by entrepreneurdex founder, Damir Perge

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